Motovate is an app-supported incentive platform and driver improvement program.

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Chasing Bubbles

A documentary about the journey and spirit of Alex Rust, a farm boy turned day trader from Indiana who, at 25, abandoned his yuppie life in Chicago, bought a modest sailboat, and set out to sail around the world, learning as he journeyed.

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A gamefully designed solution to texting and driving that uses bluetooth technology to help drivers focus on the road.

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Technical Background

My upbringing was all about software and computers, and I was writing websites in 1999 while in high school. I broadened that in college with an engineering degree from University of Illinois where I went on to do tech consulting for six years at Accenture. This technical foundation allows me to dive deep into any level of detail necessary to make decisions and provide insights to business leaders.

Web Dev

Web Development

My first websites were built in pure html using Notepad. Since then I have kept up with the latest trends in technology as a full stack developer and architect.


ERP Integration

At Accenture I tackled the toughest projects, learning how to plan, design, and build customizations for Oracle ERP implementations.

Mobile Dev

Mobile App Development

I began writing Windows Mobile software as far back as 2005. Then when the iPhone era took hold, I began writing apps for iOS and Android.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

I have stayed on top of the trends in social media and inbound marketing, and am an expert in SEO and mobile deep linking. This helps me maintain a complete view of the marketing funnel.